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最新足球世界杯预告宣传片栏目包装设计制作 AE模板下载

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【软件要求】:建议使用 Compatible with AE CC 12 or higer或更高的AE英文版本软件打开
【模板时长】:45 秒
Project for creating your map style
Supported any resolution up to 4K resolution - high resolution map!
Compatible with AE CC 12 or higer
Easily to customize with the UI controllers panel: map controller, atmosphere, light and shading, water, land, rivers, cities, borders, clouds and more!
Well organized - all the extra is hidden, all what you need is available!
Universal Expression
Presets included
Fast Stylize Mode - create your map style for 3 minutes!
Fast Mode - Animate, without unnecessary load for memory!
No plug-ins required
Video tutorial included
PDF Help Guide

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