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C4D激流插件 Riptide Pro v2.6.1 for Cinema 4D

Riptide Pro是我广受欢迎的Riptide Wavefront .obj文件插件的增强商业版本,用于Maxon Cinema 4D扩展它的.obj文件导入/导出功能。

Riptide Pro is the enhanced commercial version of my popular Riptide Wavefront .obj file plugin for Maxon's Cinema 4D to extend it's .obj file Import/Export capabilities.
The Pro version was based on the feature-set of version 1.9 of the free plugin, but has been enhanced to include a multitude of new options and features along with some bug fixes and added stability along the way. A 30-day Free Trial version of the plugin is available in the downloads section (just enter DEMO as a license / registration key).
The original Riptide provided a good set of features and allowed a lot of flexibility not found in other implementations. Riptide Pro takes this idea to the next level, providing a host of new (and reworked) features, more flexibility and the ability to create 'Preset' configurations, allowing you to easily switch between setups for various conditions. You can think of Riptide Pro as 'Riptide on Steroids'.
The latest version even includes 'Multi-File' export options that can either split the scene up in various ways or export baked animation files (with sequenced filenames). With these options, you can also tell the plugin what to do when a duplicate filename is generated (overwrite, prompt, increment sequence, etc.).
Home Page - https://skinprops.com/riptidepro.php
C4D激流插件 Riptide Pro v2.6.1 for Cinema 4D
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